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The Popular Content Widget For Drupal

Showcase the most popular content across your Drupal website and engage your audience.


  • Easy to Install. Simply download, configure and see what's popular across your website.

  • Ready to Use. Available out of the box as a block with a configurable theme that includes three default styles.

  • Pre-Packaged.  Connects with four analytics sources including: Google Analytics Most Viewed, Drupal Most Commented and Viewed pages, and AddThis Most Emailed.

  • Customizable. Configure the number of results to pull from each service, time intervals to use, order of display for services and intervals in block.

  • Scalable. Data is retreived when Drupal cron runs and is cached locally. Allows quotas and intervals to be set for friendly third party integration.

  • Themeable. Override themes, stylesheets, animations and behavior through the JavaScript configuration file.

  • Drupal Based Configuration.   You can quickly control options and features through the Drupal administration interface.

  • Extensible.  Plugin architecture allows for addition of new services, which can pull data from third party providers or internally from Drupal.